January 2010

Bill targets use of ‘seclusion and restraint’ in schools
More and more states are working to govern the use of restraint and seclusion in schools, including Wisconsin, which has pending legislation on the issue. The intent of the legislation is to help clarify when it is appropriate for school staff to use seclusion and restraint methods.

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Setting limits is one of the most powerful tools that professionals have to promote positive behavior change for their clients, students, residents, patients, etc. Knowing there are limits on their behavior helps the individuals in your charge to feel safe. It also helps them to learn to make appropriate choices.

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Building Bridges

January 25, 2010

in Education

by Ray Greene

Behavior support at the Scotland County School System is an Exceptional Children (EC) program that is in place to help all students, especially those with behavior problems that impede their academics. Behavior support also helps teachers handle the problems with their students more efficiently by giving them support and helping them develop behavior contracts, problem solving skills, social skills, conflict resolution skills, and many other proactive ways to teach the student show to better handle their own behavior and improve their learning environment.

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After We Lost Andrew

January 21, 2010

in Health Care

by Deborah Clark Ebel, R.N.

Editor’s Note: Although this article was originally printed in 1999, it serves as an excellent record of what happened at one facility where tragedy had struck. Andrew McClain, 11, died while he was restrained face down on the floor of a Connecticut psychiatric hospital. This article tells the story surrounding his death, and the changes that occurred at the hospital and amongst the staff after his death.

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by Theresa Maez, Academy School District #20, Colorado Springs, CO

At Academy School District #20, we have embraced the CPI philosophy of Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM for more than 13 years. When Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training was first introduced to our staff, some were skeptical and some were referring to the program as the “restraint class.”

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Lawmakers eye new bill on restraining students

‘Culture of Violence’ Plagues New York’s Juvenile Prisons

Still Restrained

NYC to Correct Conditions in Brooklyn Psychiatric Emergency Room

Integrating Location into Hospital and Healthcare Facility Emergency Management – Part 2, Conceptual Ideas

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Diary of a High-Functioning Person with Schizophrenia
The diagnosis of a mental illness often holds little hope for the individual’s future. The prognosis of living a fulfilled and successful life is dim. Read Elyn Saks inspiring story of how she successfully lives with her diagnosis of schizophrenia. Elyn’s words can inspire all of us to see the strengths and gifts individuals with mental illness have and how involving them in their care process can benefit them greatly as they move toward recovery.

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