4 Resources for Creating a Dementia-Friendly Society

dementia capable society“People need to understand I think more slowly, and I might have little hiccups in what I’m saying,” writes Peter Jones on Guardian.co.uk.

Peter is a retired architect who has dementia. He helped shape the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s Dementia Without Walls project, which aims to improve attitudes and understanding about dementia, to empower people who have the disease, and to create dementia-friendly communities.

A new Dementia Without Walls report, “Creating a Dementia-Friendly York,” outlines suggestions for making York more accessible for persons with dementia. It also details what’s already working for the city, such as occasions like Singing for the Brain, which brings people with dementia and their carers together with music and singing. Events like this enhance personal connections and enable individuals without speech to communicate through facial expression and touch.


  1. Browse the full report [PDF] to learn more about York’s initiative to improve quality of life for persons with dementia.
  2. Get Peter Jones’ thoughts on what it’s like to live with dementia.
  3. Check out a toolkit [PDF] released by Innovations in Dementia, which aims to help develop dementia-friendly communities.
  4. Watch a video about creating a dementia-capable society—a society that’s adept at helping people with dementia not to suffer, but to thrive.

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