Dementia Management & the Allen Cognitive Network Symposium

At the 2012 Allen Cognitive Network Symposium, Dementia Capable Care staff and care partners presented on how to promote the best abilities of persons with Alzheimer’s in assisted living memory care facilities, and on reducing antipsychotic medications in persons with dementia. The presentations and the event centered on ways to help individuals with cognitive disabilities to thrive.

Kim Warchol, OTR/L, president and founder of Dementia Care Specialists, recently vlogged about the symposium—and about her dialog with numerous leaders, including Claudia Allen, founder of the Cognitive Disabilities Model.

The model, as well as the Allen Cognitive Levels, is a tool with which therapists trained in Dementia Capable Care and other disciplines measure a person’s abilities rather than the person’s disabilities. From there, therapists trained in the use of this cognitive assessment tool develop individualized care plans for persons with dementia and help them make the most of their abilities.

Check out Kim’s video about the symposium below.

Click here for a transcript of the vlog—as well as more details and photos.

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