Keys to Providing Quality Care for Persons With Dementia

dementia careThe Wisconsin-based Alzheimer’s Challenging Behaviors Task Force has released a report titled “We All Hold the Keys,” which outlines best practices for training law enforcement, direct care staff, residential care administrators, health care professionals, and others to care for persons with dementia.

The report addresses how to ensure that those who work with individuals with dementia have the tools and skills they need to provide person-centered care and assistance for individuals with dementia.

Learn more in “Report Outlines Steps to Improve Care for Dementia Patients.”

Read “We All Hold the Keys” in its entirety.

View Dementia Care: Challenges and Solutions, a free, on-demand webinar that outlines a model of care that can help you improve function and quality of life for persons with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD).

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