Providing Quality Care for Those With Dementia

dementia care“I must say the care she has received has been wonderful,” says Christine Nethercott in a BBC Health article. Christine’s mother is a patient at St. Thomas’s Hospital in London.

In the wake of recent reports about poor care in English hospitals, Guy’s and St. Thomas’s Trust is breaking the trend by providing training for all staff who support individuals with dementia.

Equipped with confidence and skills to provide care for persons with dementia, the trust staff have made changes to their environments—changes that ease patients’ anxiety and promote safety.

Read “Getting It Right for Dementia Patients” to learn more about the trust’s efforts to support vulnerable people with dementia. The article features a video interview with dementia nurse specialist Bridget Fordham, who outlines the trust’s strategies for success.

Read the Care Quality Commission’s State of Care report, which highlights health services trends in England and discusses the CQC’s efforts to tackle the concerns.

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