Stopping Bullying of Kids With Special Needs

bullying-intervention“He will stop at nothing to help someone who is sad, who is hurting.”

In a CNN iReport, a mother of a boy with special needs blogs about the strengths that define her son.

A survivor of cardiac arrest, Eric has a traumatic brain injury and other physical conditions. He also deals with bullying from his classmates. In response to the namecalling and exclusion he faces, his family created a Facebook page to raise awareness about bullying, to highlight Eric’s struggles and triumphs, and to foster empathy and compassion. “Strangers all around the world have taken the time to write to him, to encourage him, to help him feel loved,” his mom writes.

The page, called Letters of Love for Eric, brings to Eric the kind of compassion and support that he shares with others himself.

In the iReport, his mother discusses ways to stop bullying and its effects. One technique: “Talk to our kids about why some kids are different and answer any questions that they have openly and honestly.”

Read the iReport.

Visit Letters of Love for Eric on Facebook.

Download our Bullying Prevention Resources Guide.


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