Upcoming Webinar! Here’s How to Care for Persons With Dementia

aanacIf you work in long-term care, you face numerous challenges such as aggressive behavior and resident falls and hospitalizations. If you need a care approach that can help you facilitate positive outcomes for short-term and long-term residents, check out an upcoming webinar hosted by the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination (AANAC).

Kim Warchol, OTR/L, DCCT, president and founder of Dementia Care Specialists, will describe a care model designed to help you identify the indicators of dementia, as well as a person’s dementia stage. Equipped with the tools to create effective care and discharge plans, you will be empowered to reduce agitation and increase a person’s independence and capacity to thrive.

“Decrease Psychotropic Drug Use and Facilitate Other Positive Outcomes by Addressing Undetected or Undermanaged Dementia, Delirium, and Depression” airs January 24, 2013 at 2 p.m. ET. Learn more!

For more strategies for providing compassionate care, download our free eBook, Communication Tips For Serving Individuals With Dementia.

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